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Hello, my name is Harsh Goswami. I made the game called Rim’s Journey. In this blog I will talk about:

This was my first game that I was going to publish, so naturally I was pretty nervous. I didn’t expect a lot of players thinking, “you won’t get many players, this is like your first game and not a lot of people know about you and its your game.”

The Story

I started learning about game development when I was 14. I continued to learn and I just kinda taught myself how everything works, so after a year when I turned 15 I thought I would start making a game. Just a small game nothing too big in order to get a project out there and know the feeling of releasing a game and gaining a small audience if you can. I used Unity at that time to make this game. For beginners I would recommend Unity. When I first started working on this, I had a million ideas for this game. However, I forgot that this is just my first game, and I needed something really small. This is another thing you should remember, if it’s your first game, make something really small and understand what it means to release a game. To be honest with myself, this game was a failure but at the exact same time it wasn’t. I didn’t put all the effort I should have but the good thing was that I understand what and where I went wrong. I did learn from my mistakes. It doesn’t matter how many mistakes you make as long as you learn from them.

Play the Game!

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